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Delaware is one of the smallest and sparsely populated states of America, which was famous among international entrepreneurs in 2000 due to the possibility of tax-free business. Today Delaware is considered one of the most popular federal units of America for Business of the CIS countries and post-Soviet Europe. A company in Delaware is an opportunity to provide services, sell goods, and conduct business together with compatriots in the USA.

Incorporation in Delaware: what are the advantages and features of new firms in the jurisdiction

  1. Flexibility of organizational structure. Regardless of the form of the organization and the percentage of participants in the authorized capital, the responsibility and voting rights in the management of the company may vary due to additional points of the operational agreement.
  2. Each individual participant shall not be personally liable for the debts of the whole company with his/her income.
  3. The profit of each participant of incorporation does not depend on the percentage of contribution to the statutory fund.
  4. The beneficiary, the founders and the board of directors can count on complete anonymity in the state registries.
  5. The state does not have fixed rules and regulations of internal and external agreements, which creates "freedom of contracts" for business owners.
  6. Firms are not limited in the number of accounts opened in the name of the company or founders. All transactions on bank accounts are also completely confidential.
  7. Management of the company can be carried out by trusted persons, which does not require signatures and permissions directly from the owner.
  8. Tax burden of companies. Fixed corporate tax Delaware companies in 2018 – 8.7%. In the case of business outside the U.S., the company (except fixed franchise – $250) does not pay taxes. Only income tax is payable to individuals who have received income by distributing the company total profit.
  9. The annual financial statements are required only in case the company has an individual tax number.

Incorporation of a company in Delaware

In order to open a new company in the state, only one participant is required, regardless of the form of management and residency. The company also requires at least one director, any residency (legal entities are allowed). Meetings of the board of directors and shareholders are held once a year anywhere in the world. The company requires a legal address in the state to receive correspondence, but the place of storage of corporate documentation is determined by the founders and is entered in the operational agreement. Also at the time of registration of the company, the management must sign an agency agreement on representative services.

The minimum and maximum size of the authorized capital is not regulated, but the recommended statutory fund is $1 000. Shares without face value may be issued, but shares on the bearer are prohibited.

The minimum package of documents should include:

  • Data on the company participants;
  • Registration certificate;
  • Operational agreement;
  • Agency agreement.

The cost of registration for GBS Agency customers is from $800. More detailed information about services of nominal service about registration of a package of the documentation directly for your sphere of business clarify from experts.

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