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The Independent State of Samoa is a small country in the Pacific region with a population of up to 200 thousand. The man, where the total international reserve at the end of 2017 was 133, 036 billion USD. The country was able to achieve such an indicator only through careful policy on incorporation and a number of measures to develop the country's financial and economic sector. However, what attracts investors to accumulate capital in the country?

Why is it worth open an offshore company in Samoa: 7 main reasons

  1. The country has a wide choice of possible forms of doing business, each of which has its own unique advantages: from additional conditions introduced in the charter (for example, in case of opening a court case, all assets of the shareholder/s are transferred to the third person) to limitations of liability and accumulation profit only within the framework of one subfund of an international company (regardless of the state of affairs of others).
  2. Availability of opening of insurance companies. The state offers the purchase of one of three types of license, which depends on the company capabilities and required authorized capital.
  3. Availability of bank registration. In Samoa, non-residents can register offshore banking structures under three types of licenses (A, B1, B2), which depend on the size of the authorized capital of the bank and the possibility of functioning.
  4. Protection of the company from suspension of activity. In case of non-payment of taxes and opening of a court case against the firm, the company may operate freely in connection with special norms of the legislation.
  5. International business on the island can buy real estate on the balance of the company without paying contributions.
  6. Full tax freedom. All non-resident companies in the jurisdiction are completely exempted from taxes if they operate outside the country and without the participation of Samoan residents. The exception is the annual license fee, which varies depending on the field of activity (up to $ 25 thousand. For banks and insurance business, $ 300 for companies in other business segments).
  7. No financial reporting requirements. All non-resident companies are exempt from mandatory filing of financial statements, tax returns and annual tax audits.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to register an offshore company in Samoa

Founders and executives

To open a new firm on the island requires at least one director and shareholder who can have a residence of another country and act as legal persons. The attraction of nominee founders and executive persons is available. Shareholders meetings are allowed to be held anywhere in the world without requirements for the drafting of the protocol.

Share capital

There are no requirements to the minimum and maximum authorized capital in the jurisdiction, except for the banking and insurance sphere. The declared statutory fund also does not require payment. All shares must have a nominal value. Bearer shares are prohibited.

The charter and the memorandum (excluding banking and insurance activities) limit the minimum package of documents.

The cost of opening a new company for GBS Agency customers is from $845. Package of apostilled documentation – from $195. Services of nominal service – from $545. Annual extension of the offshore company – from $845 (including reporting).

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