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Gibraltar is an overseas dependent territory of Great Britain, with a strategically advantageous location over the strait of the same name, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The EU, Great Britain and Spain have been actively struggling for the territory for the last few years due to a number of reasons: there is a NATO military base on the peninsula, Gibraltar has the largest port for service of commercial and military vessels in the region, since 2014 the country shows high growth rates through investments in key business areas. However, Gibraltar is also a priority area for opening incorporations.

Opening a company in Gibraltar: what is the interest of jurisdiction for international business

  1. Gibraltar attracts investors through the ease of opening gambling companies, and the high confidentiality of information for them.
  2. The peninsula is considered one of the leading zones of the world by the number of blockchain-operators.
  3. The leading sphere of business in the jurisdiction, including offshore, is the service and registration of shipping transport.
  4. For companies in the zone all areas of activity are allowed, but for banking, insurance, reinsurance and trust it is required to obtain a license.
  5. All NRC and EC (non-resident) firms in the territory of the jurisdiction are not taxed if they operate outside the borders of Gibraltar and do not receive payments and payments to accounts registered in the tax haven. The only mandatory payment to the fiscal services for incorporation is an annual fee of 230 GIP (in the case of a subsidiary of another incorporation, the rate is 300 GIP);
  6. A single rate of all taxes applies to resident firms:
    • Corporate income tax – 10%;
    • Income tax for individuals – 30%;
    • Duty – 75 GIP;
    • Stamp duty (at creation and increase of capital) – 10 GIP.
  7. Delivery of financial statements of non-resident companies depends on their size (micro, small, medium, large business). Company, with a turnover of up to 10 mln GIP, the balance of assets up to 5 mln GIP and headcount of up to 50 people (micro and small companies), take only a consolidated reduced balance sheet and tax return. All other non-resident companies submit reports on profit or loss, consolidated balance sheets, reports of the board of directors, tax return, and report of the tax auditor.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to open a company in Gibraltar: local regulations

Company management

The registration of a company in Gibraltar requires a minimum of one director, shareholder and secretary, who may have any form of management, but must be non-resident in the jurisdiction (to open a tax-exempt incorporation). The data on the beneficiary and the founders are completely confidential. The fees of shareholders and the board of directors are not regulated at the venue and are indicated in the protocols.

Statutory fund

The minimum amount of authorized capital must be at least 2 GIP, with no payment requirements. All issued statutory fund must be paid. It is allowed to issue shares without face value and bearer (must be kept at the place of registration or in a local bank).

Minimum package of documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Memorandum of association;
  • Minutes of the first meeting of the board of directors, shareholders;
  • Resolution on the appointment of the director and secretary;
  • Special resolution;
  • Agreement of the founders and the board of directors;
  • Certificate of shares;
  • Transfer documents for shares;
  • Apostille.

The cost of opening a company is from $1 995 (including apostilled set of documents). Services of nominal service – from $495. Annual renewal, including reporting – from $1 995.

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