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A residence permit in Hungary is an opportunity to visit the People's Republic without hindrance, regardless of visa availability, during the year, to enjoy all state benefits, social protection and advantages for business in low tax jurisdictions.

What gives a residence permit in the Republic of Hungary for non-residents?

  1. Opening of the EU borders: movement across all EU countries and the advantages of business in Eurozone.
  2. Reliable banking system for the safety of personal funds.
  3. Possibility of carrying out operations with real estate.
  4. Possibility of free education of children in high schools, preschool institutions or schools.
  5. Protection by the state in case of unstable political situation in the country of residence.
  6. The possibility of receiving European level medical assistance.
  7. Prospects for obtaining citizenship.

How to obtain a residence permit in Hungary: grounds, conditions, documents

Investment in the economy of the People's Republic

The state program of residence permit through investment is that the foreign citizen buys the state bonds of Hungary in total by €300 000. Bonds are interest-free and all investments are returned to non-residents after 5 years. However, at such investments to get a residence permit, and then a permanent residence can the whole family of the foreigner. In this case, only 21 days a non-resident receives a residence permit in the jurisdiction for 1 year, and after another 6 months receives a permanent residence permit. The caveat of such a reason is that all the costs for the purchase of bonds and related services (about €60 000) lie entirely in a foreign citizen.

Residence permit through investment in real estate to obtain a residence permit under this basis, non-resident must purchase real estate, taking into account the minimum living space for 1 person – up to 15 sq. m. and the standards of real estate, suitable for accommodation. In this case, the amount of investment does not matter. In addition, a foreign national must issue a health insurance policy, confirm the balance in the bank account at least €6 000 (for the 1st member of the family), and issue a list of basic documentation in accordance with the requirements of the jurisdiction.

Opening a business in a jurisdiction

This basis will correspond to the migration rules if the foreigner opens a representative office of an international company or a new company in the priority for the economy of Hungary sphere. Every year, the list of regions and specialization of companies is changed and updated on the website of government agencies of the state.

In case of opening a new company or branch, the residence permit is received by the whole family of non-resident.

Minimum package of documents for registration of permission:

  • Statutory documents of the enterprise;
  • Extract from the Hungarian register of companies;
  • Business plan;
  • Extract from the tax inspectorate on the absence of debts on fiscal contributions;
  • For operating companies-confirmation of financial activity of the company (balances, financial statements, statements from the corporate account);
  • Data on the balance on the personal account of the non-resident;
  • For companies with local population: copy of 3 employment contracts;
  • Lease agreement or real estate purchase/sale agreement to confirm the presence of a non-resident (and his family);
  • Health insurance contract;
  • Copies of identifying documents.

All documents should be translated into Hungarian and notarized by the embassy or by a notary.

Residence permit through family ties and national identity

The citizens who have first-degree relatives in Hungary who have married a citizen of the Hungarian Republic or have the country cultural and national roots may apply for a residence permit for a period of up to 1 year. The deadline for paperwork is 30 days. In the case of marriage after 3 years from the date of registration, a non-resident can expect to obtain citizenship jurisdiction.

Employment in a local company

Obtaining a residence permit is also available through employment in a local company. However, for this purpose it is necessary to formalize a Labor visa and to confirm the fact of payments by the employer of all contributions and taxes on foreign employee. In addition, it is necessary to confirm the existence of a residence and the amount of subsistence in the country. Residence permit for employed non-residents can be obtained for a period of up to 2 years, but provided that the Hungarian company before the employment of an alien placed a vacancy at the local labor exchange for 1 month and did not receive a response from the citizens of the country.

Pension migration

Foreigners, who have reached the pension return and receive payments in the country of residence, can expect to get a residence permit. For this purpose, it is required to provide the pension certificate of the beneficiary country, bank account statement on the amount of 12 minimum pension payments of Hungary, as well as proof of residence. After 3 years of regular extension of the document on residence permit, the foreign pensioner can expect to receive citizenship.

Other grounds for obtaining a residence permit in the Republic of Hungary:

  • Training in higher education jurisdictions;
  • Scientific activity of non-resident on presentation of employment contract;
  • Visit by invitation (for a period not exceeding 1 year);
  • A representative visit to the country for diplomatic visits;
  • Volunteer activities;
  • Medical care.

The persons, who incorrectly filled the documentation, intentionally concealed the important facts (a conviction, presence of the convicted or wanted relatives, non-payment of taxes, etc.) or have provided the incomplete package of documents can receive refusal in registration of permission.

Specialists in the field of migration of the company GBS Agency will prepare the entire package of necessary documentation for timely failure to obtain your residence permit in the People's Republic. Ask for advice right now and find out on what basis it is possible for you to get a residence permit in Hungary in the shortest possible time!