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Residence permit in Greece is all the advantages of living in a resort country, as well as benefits for citizens of the EU zone.

What gives a residence permit in Greece to a foreigner in 2018?

  1. The possibility of entering the country without hindrance for 1-5 years, as well as obtaining a residence permit for the spouse, minor children and parents.
  2. The possibility of visa-free travel in the EU countries, as well as the possibility of obtaining visas in the EU under the simplified procedure.
  3. Possibility of free education at all levels in the best educational institutions of Greece and European countries.
  4. European level of medicine for non-residents and members of his family.
  5. Possibility of preferential registration of movable property (yachts, vessels, boats, cars, cargo transport).
  6. Protection by the state in case of political repression in the homeland of a non-resident.
  7. Possibility of doing business both in the country of residence permit and within the Eurozone.

Obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Acquisition of real estate according to the immigration code, non-residents who acquire property in total by €250 000 and above, have the right to receive a residence permit in the Hellenic Republic for a period of 5 years. Besides, according to the change in the program of attraction of investments in the country, from 2015 foreigners, investing in real estate, receive the residence permit for the parents (previously only spouses and children under 18 years old).

List of required documentation:

  • Application in the Embassy in the prescribed form + 3 photos;
  • Copy of the passport and passport;
  • The contract of purchase of the real estate in total on €250 000;
  • Extract from the register of real estate of Greece on the confirmation of purchase;
  • A document from the notary of the Republic on full repayment of the sum of purchase (s) of real estate;
  • Medical insurance policy of Greece;
  • Certificates of family composition (birth or guardianship certificate, marriage certificate).

Economic independent citizens of the third country

Foreigners, who claim to live in the Republic without the right to work, i.e. financially secured, can also obtain residence permit in Greece. A visa of category "D" is required to obtain a permit.

Additional documents for registration of multivisa:

  • Statement from the bank of Greece with confirmation of the presence of the sum of €24 000 (on the foreigner) + €4 800 (on the spouse) + €3 600 (for each minor child);
  • Certificate of absence of criminal record for the foreigner and family members;
  • Certificate of health status of all family members;
  • Documents proving the financial independence of a non-resident (certificates from the place of work, bank statements, etc.) that can guarantee a monthly income of €2 000 (per foreigner) + €500 (per spouse) + €300 (for each minor child).

After entering the country through a multivisa, a non-resident must submit a full package of standard documents to the service for the migration of Greece to each member of the family. If a permit is issued for this basis, a non-resident, as well as all its family members, can obtain a residence permit only for a period of 2 years, with the subsequent extension in case of compliance with similar conditions for another 3 years.

How to obtain a residence permit in Greece through participation in business in the territory of jurisdiction

All executives of the Greek company, as well as investors and founders can claim to receive a residence permit in the Hellenic Republic. First, it is required to get a visa "D" for a business visit to the country.

Upon arrival in the jurisdiction, a non-resident is required to submit a package of documents other than the main:

  • A copy of the issue of the Herald of Greece, where the company registration is reported;
  • Original + notarized copy of memorandum, charter, and additional documents (if required), where the powers or size of participation of non-resident in the company work will be indicated;
  • For general managers – a copy of the employment contract;
  • Certificate of income of non-resident in the territory of Greece.

Investing in the economy of the Republic of Greece

Third-country nationals who entered the country through the category "D" multivisa (for the purpose of investment) may obtain a residence permit in the case of investments in the country economy amounting to at least €300 000. Investments should be carried out in the national sphere: priority regions, undeveloped business sectors, innovations and research. For registration of residence permit on this basis, it is required to submit the full package of documents to the consulate of Greece at the place of registration of non-resident. Together with the basic package of documents, it is required to provide proof of FDI (certificates of shares of Greek companies, patents and development, etc.). In case of a positive decision, a non-resident and his family members receive a residence permit for a period of 3 years with the possibility of further extension for another 3 years, subject to all requirements of the Greek migration service.

After residing in the country on permission of type of residence permit not less than 5 years, the non-resident and all members of his family can make a permanent residence, and after 5 years-citizenship.

In case of rejection of the application for residence permit in the Republic, the following consideration of the petition takes place only after 1 year. That is why it is better to apply to specialists in migration policy when designing the whole documentation package.

Legal and financial experts of GBS Agency will competently consider the issue of registration of residence permit for you and your family. Our specialists will professionally issue a statement and a package of required documentation for the Greek Embassy in the shortest period. Ask for advice right now!