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A residence permit in Bulgaria is an opportunity to reside in the country for at least one year, regardless of the visa and the necessity of leaving the republic.

What gives a residence permit in Bulgaria: advantages and opportunities for foreign citizens?

  1. Permission to reside and unlimited number of times to cross the boundaries of jurisdiction without a visa.
  2. The owners of the residence permit of the republic are available travel (without additional tourist visa) to Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, also in expedited mode to obtain visas to the Schengen countries.
  3. Non-residents with valid residence permit are served in medical institutions of the country, albeit on a paid basis.
  4. Underage children and non-resident wards may attend pre-school education and secondary schools on a general basis without payment.
  5. Some types of residence permits allow to formalize employment contracts in the jurisdiction.
  6. With the permit document can be purchased (with local registration) cars in the republic.
  7. Obtaining a loan (incl. mortgage) is more successful in the status of a residence permit than just a non-resident.

Visa regime of jurisdiction

There are 3 types of visa in the jurisdiction:

  • Aviation, for the transit crossing of the territory of the country-"A";
  • Tourism, guest, business visit, acquisition of real estate (or ownership) – multivisa "C";
  • Immigration – "D".

A long-term "D" stay visa is needed to obtain a residence permit in the jurisdiction. It is issued for 3-4 days (subject to submission of documents for 3-4 months before arrival in the country) and costs from €35 to €70. This type of visa allows a non-resident to stay in Bulgaria for more than 3 months for every 180 days.

8 stages, how to get a residence permit in Bulgaria and citizenship:

  1. Determination of the basis for residence permit.
  2. Collection of documents in the country of residence of the foreigner.
  3. Translation and certification of documentation.
  4. Consideration of documents of the Bulgarian embassy in the place of residence of the foreigner and obtaining a visa category "D".
  5. Obtaining a residence permit after entering the republic on an immigrant visa.
  6. Stay within the borders of the country not less than 900 days for 5 years (allowed departure at will).
  7. Obtaining permanent residence in the jurisdiction.
  8. Citizenship of the republic.

Grounds and conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria

Investing in the economy of the republic

Any foreigner who invests in the development of priority segments of the economy of the republic (minimum €125 000) or in local real estate (not less than €300 000) gets the opportunity to issue a residence permit. In the nearest future, the legislative bodies are planning to introduction of amendments to the normative acts, the results of which the minimum threshold of investment in real estate would decrease to €51 000.

Entrepreneurship in the jurisdiction

Registration of a representative office or incorporation in the BCCI or investment in joint-stock companies of Bulgaria for the amount of not less than €250 000 – the most common and affordable way to obtain a residence permit in the jurisdiction. If a new company is opened by a foreigner, the opening of 10 jobs for the local population is an important point.

Residence permit for pensioners

Foreigners who have reached the retirement age may apply for a residence permit. This requires that non-residents have an amount equal to the annual total pension payments in the Republic-not less than €15 600.

Additional grounds:

  • Training in higher education jurisdictions;
  • Narrow-profile specialists invited to the country to conduct priority projects;
  • Family ties: marriage with a Bulgarian citizen, guardianship or over a minor citizen or the first line of kinship, confirmation of Bulgarian origin;
  • Representation of foreign media interests;
  • Long-term treatment in medical institutions of the state.

Minimum documentation package for residence permit in Bulgaria

  • Application in the prescribed form and address card of non-resident;
  • Copies of the international identification document with data on the non-resident, confirmation of the category "D" Visa and the last date of entry into the republic;
  • Confirmation of the existence of the place of residence (lease agreement, ownership, etc.);
  • An extract from the account or the declared amount in cash, the minimum annual salary of the republic or a pension to confirm the fact of solvency of a non-resident;
  • For non-residents over 18 years of age, a certificate from the country of citizenship on the presence/absence of criminal record;
  • Medical policy for a year with the amount of the cost of covering the possible costs not less than €30 000;
  • Confirmation of payment of state duty.

All documentation should be issued in the state language of Bulgaria or translated and notarized.

Depending on the reason why a non-resident plans to obtain a residence permit, the foreigner may be invited to an interview at the embassy or require additional documents.

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