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Wyoming is the 44 state of America, famous for its cowboy traditions and the indescribable beauty of the Yellowstone Park. The main areas of the state economy in 2017 are tourism, agriculture and extractive industries. However, for overseas investors the attractiveness of the state in another – today the company registration in Wyoming allows the new business to minimize contributions and taxes to almost zero. What other benefits can an entrepreneur get?

New business in the United States: features of the companies operating in Wyoming

  1. For companies there are no restrictions in residence of founders and directors of the company.
  2. Corporations are not required to submit annual accounts in the case of business outside the United States.
  3. The data on the beneficiary, the founders and the board of Directors are confidential.
  4. The company may have an unlimited number of corporate accounts, the data of which (including transactions) are closed.
  5. There are no inheritance taxes, which increases the popularity of family trusts.
  6. Tax Preferences for corporations:
    • There is no turnover tax in the state;
    • Profits of the companies and limited liability company are not taxed;
    • There is no income tax for physical persons.

The company is obliged to pay only annual contribution to the State budget – from $52 depending on the amount of assets of the company.

Incorporation of a company in the state of Wyoming: General Regulations

To open a new company will require at least one founder-a natural or legal person, regardless of residency. The rights and obligations of the management structure are necessarily reflected in the operational agreement (Operating Agreement), thus, the management of the company is determined not by the number of shares, but by percentage. It is this percentage that is indicated in the operational agreement, and the evidence of such rights is the membership certificates. Any company, regardless of the U.S. residency, opened in the State, is obliged to have a registration agent, which will be the contact person between the authorities and the management of the company.

The minimum size of the authorized capital is not regulated, but the minimum size of the issued capital should be not less than $1 000.

The minimum package of documents varies depending on the total fertility rate and the scope of the company, but must include:

  • Notarized copies of documents of the beneficiary, shareholders and directors (in the case of copies-notarized);
  • Confirmation of U.S. citizenship or the ability to work (work visa);
  • Contract with the agent;
  • Operational agreement;
  • Memorandum and charter;
  • Certificates of shares.

The cost of company registration in the state with the help of specialists GBS Agency-from $1 300. About the services of nominal service, the need to design an apostille package of documentation and features of obtaining a license, check with experts right now!

A new company in the USA in just a week-easy, with the help of GBS Agency!