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The state of Nevada is a world Gambling center known for its city of Las Vegas with an annual tourist attendance of around 40 million. Man. However, for business, the main attraction of the state is the liberal corporate legislation. What are the main benefits of the company in Nevada?

Business in the USA: why is it worth to open a company in Nevada

  1. State law abolished income taxes for corporations and limited liability companies, tax exempt shares, property and real estate companies with limited liability, no income tax for individuals and fees franchises.
  2. Nevada has increased confidentiality for business owners and authorized persons (directors may use aliases when entering information into an open registry).
  3. To attract new investments, corporations and joint-stock companies in the state can issue shares and sell them to the population.
  4. Tourist, gambling, entertainment business of the state has a number of additional tax benefits.

Business features in the state of Nevada

  • To conduct any business in the state requires the purchase of a special license;
  • Financial statements are made annually, but in the case of business outside the United States or in the absence of a tax number, delivery of documentation is not required (but the company is obliged to maintain accounting);
  • Every year, in addition to the financial statements (if required), all companies are required to submit lists of directors;
  • Any name of the company is reserved for the firm only for 120 days; further payment of the fee is required.

Taxes and government fees

Limited liability companies are exempt from taxes in the absence of the U.S. citizenship or the absence of a work visa (in this case, their office must be located outside the borders of the country). All incomes of the limited liability companies are distributed in equal shares between the founders, who pay the fiscal fees (already as with physical persons). If income is received by an organization outside the state, the tax return is not required. Renewal of business license is required every year — $200 - 500.

What you need to register a company in Nevada

To register a new company will require at least one founder, regardless of residency and form of management. All legal entities in Nevada can function without establishing the board of directors as governing bodies. At the time of application for registration of the company, the owner must sign a contract with a registered agent, who is further responsible for the receipt and processing of tax and legal documents by the company.

The number of shareholders, as well as corporate accounts – is not limited, but subject to equal rights in income and management of the company. There are also no restrictions and regulations for the statutory fund in the state. The minimum package of documents may vary depending on the total fertility rate and the scope of incorporation.

The cost of registration of the company with the services of experts of GBS Agency is from $2 200. For more details about the individual peculiarities of your business in Nevada, services of nominal service and execution of package of apostilled documentation, please check with our specialists now!