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The United States of America — the world largest state, which is the leader of the international competitiveness rating, is ranked in the top 10 of the ease of doing business rankings, in the top 20 by the index of economic freedom and the prosperity index in 2017. In fact, America is the central player in the world economy, and all the countries of the world are interested in doing business with American companies. That is why to open a firm in the USA is prestigious, reliable and attractive from the point of view of capital increase for any entrepreneur of the world.

Company incorporation in the USA: undeniable advantages of the country

  • A small cost of government fees and duties.
  • Efficiency of the opening procedure.
  • Protection of business interests: private accounts, property, real estate, shares.
  • There are no restrictions on the statutory capital.
  • Low tax burden or tax exemption in case of fulfillment of a number of requirements.
  • Preferential conditions for entrepreneurs  non-residents of America.
  • Obtaining a residence permit, and subsequently, the citizenship of the United States.
  • Possibility to open branches, representative offices and subsidiaries in the European Union.
  • A wide range of fields of activity.

How to open a company in the USA: how to start an entrepreneur

  1. Define the scope of activity of the company and determine the target audience.
  2. Choose the state for registration, where the most appropriate conditions for the functioning of the business.
  3. The most advantageous conditions for the opening of the company are non-resident entrepreneur in California (cost of registration from $1 300), Nevada (from $2 200), Wyoming (from $1 300), Delaware (from $800).

  4. Choose the organizational-legal form. Regardless of the state, it is possible to open such total fertility rate:
    • Partnership (Partnership);
    • Limited Liability company (LLC);
    • Corporation (Corporation).
  5. Pick up the name of the company.
  6. Get a legal address in the state.
  7. Collect and submit a package of documents to the secretariat of the state concerned.
  8. Register with the Tax office and get an individual business number.
  9. Open a corporate bank account.
  10. To issue licensing, if required by the business sphere.
  11. To prepare corporate documentation, resolutions and acts.
  12. Hire staff if required.

To save your time and finances will help the financial and legal experts of GBS Agency, who assume all the hardships of the opening of the company, the execution of an apostilled package of documentation, maintaining accounting records and provide services nominal service. Our specialists will examine in detail the peculiarities of your business, and provide an individual plan of opening a legal entity in America, maximally corresponding to the goals and objectives of your work.

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