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Online casino license is an opportunity to conduct gambling business legally with the possibility of opening accounts, concluding contracts with merchant providers, renting servers and equipment e-commerce.

Internet casino license: the most advantageous jurisdictions for business registration

  1. Costa Rica. In the jurisdiction, it is possible to obtain a license to transfer and process data, which is a wider range than even the gambling business. Registration of permitting documents in the jurisdiction will cost on the average, in $24 000, and the prolongation – in $10 000. In this case, accredited companies can conduct activities around the world, except Costa Rica. The gambling business of Costa Rica does not pay taxes.
  2. Curacao. Curacao license implies the possibility of conducting gambling business without classification on the gambling sphere. Documentation will cost an average of $32 000 and an extension of $15 000. Accredited in Curacao companies can conduct activities around the world, except for E-Zone itself jurisdiction, Holland, USA and France. The profit tax in Curacao is 2%.
  3. Antigua and Barbuda. A business jurisdiction with a gambling license is entitled to conduct activities around the world with the ability to host working servers outside Antigua and Barbuda. The cost of the license-from $25 000, extension – $5 000. Accredited non-resident companies do not pay taxes.
  4. Belize. There are 3 types of licenses in the jurisdiction: ground-based casinos, online casinos and slot machines. The companies, which are accredited in Belize, have the only tax-on the franchise. The cost of obtaining permits – from $18 000, extension – $10 000, and you can get the documents in a day.
  5. Malta. Gives licenses of 4 classes, depending on which activity of the company is taxed (0.5-5%). The cost of registration of the license for online casino (I class) €4 660, extension – €7 000.
  6. Panama. Panamanian accredited companies may conduct activities around the world, except for the jurisdiction of registration, in which case the business is not taxed. Registration of permit documents – from $40 000 (annual license-$20 000). The duration of accreditation is 7 years.
  7. Isle of Man. The Isle of Man license is universal for all kinds of gambling business. Taxation of online casino business in the jurisdiction depends on the level of income of the company, and varies from 0.1% to 15%. The cost of obtaining permits is 35 000 GBP (sublicense is 5 000 GBP).
  8. Gibraltar. The gambling business of Gibraltar has high confidentiality: all transactions and transfers are not controlled by the authorities and data on income levels are not disclosed. Licensee pays a minimum tax of 1%. The cost of registration of permits – £10 000, the cost of renewal – £2 000.

How to get a license for an online casino

The issuance of a license requires a minimum package of documentation, which varies depending on the country of incorporation. Specialists of GBS Agency will select for you the most advantageous jurisdiction, will issue a package of necessary documentation and will issue a license from the 1st day to 3 months. For more details about the features of your online casino, please check with our legal advisors for free!