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Merchant account is an opportunity to receive up to thousand payments per minute via the Internet from the bankcards of international payment systems to the account attached to the transit gateway of the financial institution. If for your business has special importance wide geolocation of clients, the extensive list of currencies of operations, round-the-clock reception of payments in conditions of confidentiality and optimization of tax scheme, open merchant account is the best decision.

The main advantages of Merchant account for international companies

  1. Reducing the amount of business costs for processing operations.
  2. Lack of currency control.
  3. Work in foreign markets.
  4. Round-the-clock service of processing company.
  5. Easy to integrate all payment methods e-commerce.
  6. Increase sales through ease of payment for the customer.

The scheme of work online merchant

The payment recipient company is assigned a unique identification number, which is attached to the current corporate bank account. After the online payment system is connected, the client carries out all operations in favor of the recipient by pressing one button on the site. The entire process of debiting and crediting them to the company account is controlled by the acquiring bank, which gave the company access to the transit gateway.

How to open a merchant account?

To open a merchant account in the offshore, you will need the following list of documents:

  • Copies of identification documents of the beneficiary, founders and directors of the company;
  • Copies of the constituent documents, certified by apostille: Memorandum and Articles of association, Certificate of Registration, register of shareholders, confirmation of the company legal address;
  • Documents confirming financial activity of the company and solvency of the management of the firm;
  • Presence of a business plan of the company, translated and notarized;
  • Availability of a valid working website of the company;
  • Presence on the site of the company information about the owner, user agreement and full description of goods/services;
  • Availability of customer service telephone support;
  • Availability and data of the policy of repayment of payments on the card (chargeback policy);
  • Presence of services of filtering of spam-operations and fraudulent payments;
  • Data on the current bank account for receiving payments;
  • Expected monthly turnover of the company and the number of payments from customers with an average cheque.

If the company has already conducted activities in the field of e-commerce and used the services of other merchant operators, such documents may be required:

  • Letters of recommendation of other financial institutions, statements of accounts from banks, confirmation of the absence of debt to other operators;
  • Copies of financial documents: tax returns, balance sheets, income and expenditure summaries.

Specialists of the company GBS Agency, relying on the impressive experience of cooperation with international financial institutions, quickly and taking into account your requirements:

  1. Will pick up for you the best processing company.
  2. Fill in the full range of registration documentation.
  3. Prepare recommendations according to the peculiarities of doing business on the Internet from the point of view of international law.
  4. Represent your interests in the largest banking structures and at the conclusion of the contract before merchant operators.
  5. Will select the appropriate scheme of taxation, registration of accounting and billing for chargeback.

Ask for advice right now and after 7-30 days, you will be able to develop your business in the network and multiply the income of the company several times!