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Curacao – the jurisdiction where by the end of 2017 about 70% of all companies in the sphere of gambling in the world were registered. The international license Curacao operates in all states: companies open accounts in popular banks of the world, suppliers of games without barriers conclude contracts, and merchant providers provide acquiring. That is why getting a game license in this jurisdiction is a necessary operation for all online casinos, bookmakers and gambling companies.

Curacao license: what features should be considered

  1. There are two types of licenses in the jurisdiction: for the operator-provider and for the user-operator gaming services (master and sublicense). However, now, due to the monopolization of the master license market, all companies receive sublicense, the cost of which will vary from $24 000 to $32 000 depending on the number of services.
  2. There is no classification of gambling business on the island, which allows to carry out several types of gambling under one license.
  3. The state is a signatory of the Hague Convention; therefore, in activities beyond the boundaries of jurisdiction, the company owners do not require re-ratification of documentation.
  4. The fiscal burden for the owners of the license agreement is represented only by the profit tax for legal entities-2%. But from the second year of work of the company it is required to prolong the basic sublicense.
  5. The minimum tax rate is valid in case the company is registered within the E-zone jurisdiction, does not provide services in the U.S., Holland and France, as well as the E-zone Curacao (on the island itself the distribution of gambling business is permitted only if the relevant documents are received from the local authorities and if the income from such transactions does not exceed 25% of the total turnover of the company).

How to obtain a Curacao gambling license

In order to get a gambling license, it is required to register a limited liability company (Naamloze Vennootschap) in the E-Zone state. Then the package of documents is collected directly for license registration.

Mandatory documentation:

  • Confirmation of ownership of the game domain;
  • Description of services for the work of the project;
  • List of jurisdictions in which the provision of services is planned;
  • Layout of servers;
  • A copy of the contract, notarized, with the software supplier.

A mandatory requirement is also the presence of a transit server within the jurisdiction itself. Through this server will pass all information regarding the customer flow, the number of bets and the total turnover of the company for the control of the company actions to the authorities of jurisdiction.

Specialists GBS Agency of will take care of all the difficulties associated with obtaining a gambling license for your business. For more details about the peculiarities of your gambling business in the jurisdiction, check with our legal experts for free consultation!