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The British Virgin Islands is a zone with the most spotless reputation and reliable data confidentiality for the beneficiaries. That is why, by the end of 2017, more than half a million offshore companies have been registered in the territory of the jurisdiction. There are a number of other advantages that favorably distinguish the country against the background of other privileged zones.

What is the interest of offshore companies in the Virgin Islands for business

  1. Advantageous territorial neighborhood. Due to the location of the zone at the intersection of international trade routes and neighborhoods with the offshore jurisdiction of Anguilla, the BVI create huge opportunities for companies in the field of export.
  2. Ownership and transfer (including by inheritance) of assets for offshore companies are permitted in the jurisdiction. At the same time, all transactions are strictly confidential.
  3. Financial, economic and political stability. Since the recognition of the British Virgin Islands by a special territory, the level of economic growth has only increased every year. Today, according to statistics, the reserve BVI is about $45 million. (with population of 25 thousand people).
  4. Full accounting freedom. All BVI companies are exempt from mandatory financial and tax documentation as well as annual tax audits. The director of the company is only recommended to save accounts, invoices, invoices or contracts to confirm the financial activity of the counterparty.
  5. No tax burden. In the Virgin Islands there are no taxes on profit, on capital gains, at source, on income individuals. The only contribution that the company pays is duty – $350-1000 (depending on the authorized capital of the company).

Open offshore: British Virgin Islands and entrepreneurial requirements

In BVI, non-resident companies are not allowed to acquire any real property. In addition, the maintenance of banking, insurance, investment, stock or financial activities is limited to obtaining a license. All companies on the islands do not have the right to sell any shares of the company to the local population.



Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to open an offshore company in the Virgin Islands: regulations of procedure

Subtleties of the staff structure

To open a company in the jurisdiction requires at least one director and shareholder, where the participation of natural or legal persons, regardless of residency. The Registrar for opening a company is not obligatory, but in case of its participation, it can also be a legal person-resident of any country. To register you will need an office on the territory of the offshore zone, the property for which can only be rented. All the registers of the company's founders and executives, data on the beneficiary, collateral obligations, copies of the constituent documents and print imprint shall be kept in the office.

Company statutory fund

There are no requirements to the minimum or maximum size of the authorized capital of the company, but the paid capital should be not less than $1 in the form of one share. In the BVI for counterparties with foreign residence is available to issue bearer shares, but they must be transferred to the custody or trust management of the companies-trustees with a specially issued by the license.

Package of documents for company registration:

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum and charter of the joint-stock company;
  • Minutes of the first meeting of shareholders;
  • Order of appointment of the first Director;
  • Certificate of shares;
  • Register of shareholders and directors;
  • With power of attorney and seal.

Gutter the period of registration of the BVI company is 2-3 weeks, but with the help of GBS Agency specialists You can get the full package of the founding documentation in 3 days.

Cost of services of the company:

  • Registration with the introduction of the company in register – from $665.
  • Package of apostilled documents – from $275.
  • Extension of the offshore for a year with the company's reporting – from $775.
  • Services of nominal representation – from $295.

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