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The Arab Emirates is a leader among Middle Eastern countries in terms of development and degree of diversification of the economy. The average annual growth of economic indicators of the country is 3.5%, and the dynamics of these figures did not change even in the times of crisis of 2008 and 2014, which also underlines the financial and political reliability of the Arab Emirates. However, the investment attractiveness of the UAE is justified not only by the confident growth rates, but also by the favorable conditions for doing business.

Offshore in UAE: jurisdictional features

In the Emirates you can register 3 types of companies, which differ significantly in the form of activities and conditions of doing business:

  • IBC is an international business or offshore company. It can operate only outside the country borders. The company's income is not taxed. IBC can open residents of any country in Ras-el-Jaime or Ajman, but without claims to a residence permit in the UAE. Although offshore companies of this type have a simplified registration procedure, it is worth considering that the authorities are very reluctant to open accounts for them in the country.
  • FZC is a onshore company. It is opened in Fez of the country (which now counts 25) and can operate both in the territory of the UAE (in FEZ) and abroad. Taxation and registration procedures vary depending on the Emirates and the business sector (oil and gas industry, banking, hotel and restaurant facilities are taxed by a separate group of taxes). Trade activity on imports is taxed at 5% of the value of the imported goods. Founders and executives of the firm can get a residence permit in UAE within a month from the moment of registration.
  • LLC is a local company. Its opening is possible only if 51% of shares and above will belong to a resident of the country. Local firms have privileges for the maintenance of some spheres of activity (legal, accounting, tourist, industrial, building, IT). Shareholders of the company also have the right to apply for a residence permit in the UAE.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Company registration in UAE: preferential conditions for offshore and onshore companies

  1. Lack of currency control. All operations both within the country and with counterparties from the partner countries can be carried out in any convenient freely convertible currency.
  2. Freedom from fiscal fees. The government of the country has established tax exemptions for all activities. The country budget is only filled by annual licensing fees (1500-2000 AED) for certain areas of activity.
  3. Onshore companies are covered by the double taxation Treaty and can benefit from the benefits in 60 countries of the world.
  4. Maintenance of accounting and tax report for IBC and FZC companies is not required, which greatly simplifies all bureaucratic procedures.

It should be noted that non-resident companies in the UAE can not rent, buy and sell real estate in the country. Therefore, companies receive only a legal address in the Emirates, without the right to open an office for representative works.

Offshore registration in UAE: procedure rules

Authorized capital

The minimum amount of the authorized capital is $2 700, the maximum is $27 400 without the obligation to pay it. The authorized capital is issued only in the form of registered shares.

Staffing structure of the company

At least one shareholder (who can also hold the position of director and secretary) will be required to register the company. A shareholder can be of any residence and form of business (natural or legal person), like the director and the secretary. Information about the founders and executives of the company is closed and is known only to the registrar.

Minimum package of documents:

For individuals and beneficiary – a package of KYC documents. For legal entities – notarized copies of the constituent documents.

The cost of opening the company – from $1 985, apostilled package of documents and services of nominal service in the jurisdiction is not required. Annual renewal – from $1 695.

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