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Seychelles is recognized as the highest priority offshore zone in the world. Due to the close cooperation of the republic with, the last 5 years jurisdiction creates more than favorable conditions for new business and investment in the economy.

Offshore in Seychelles: unique business characteristics

  1. The country is the signatory of The Hague Convention. Due to this, the procedure of company opening and business legalization in Seychelles and partner countries is considerably simplified.
  2. There are no agreements and contracts on the exchange of tax information with the CIS countries. This allows residents from the post-Soviet countries not to worry about the confidentiality of information about offshore accounts and business outside the country of registration.
  3. Seychelles are the signatory of double taxation treaties with 36 jurisdictions. Thus, all companies that register as a resident of the Republic, will pay taxes only within the country of registration, and are completely exempt from the fiscal burden in other countries doing business.
  4. Lack of currency control in the jurisdiction. It allows carrying out all kinds of operations without restrictions, to receive profit from business activity and to withdraw capital in any convenient for business currency of the world.
  5. No requirements for registration and submission of financial statements. In the zone there is no financial audit, requirements for registration and submission of financial statements to the tax service. Companies are only advised to store in the registration office all accounting records, registers of founders, officials and shares, copies of decisions and records of minutes of meetings.
  6. Minimum tax burden on all forms of offshore business.

For legal entities income tax-0%.

Capital Gains Tax – 0%.

The source tax is 0%.

VAT – 15% (single for all types of trading operations).

Since June 1, 2018, the progressive system of income tax accrual for individuals with residence outside the Republic has been introduced:

  • Income up to 10 thousand rupees is taxed at 15%;
  • Income from 10 thousand to 83,333 thousand is taxed at 20%;
  • Income above 83,333 thousand rupees is taxed at 30%.

Emblem fee – 0%.

The state fee is $ 100 (uniform for all types of business, regardless of the authorized capital).



Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Offshore in Seychelles: features and restrictions

  • All counterparties with foreign residence are prohibited from operating within the country (Seychelles should not be recognized as the place of contract, the company could not provide services in the territory of the country, etc.).
  • Offshore companies do not have the right to acquire property in real estate.
  • To open banking structures, insurance companies and investment funds requires obtaining a license.

Offshore incorporation in Seychelles: key requirements

Authorized fund

The authorized capital of the IBC (offshore company) is not regulated, but it is recommended to use a capital of $100 thousand, divided by an equal number of shares value in $1. The form of issue can be any: both on the bearer, and without the declaration of the nominal value. There are no requirements for obligatory payment of the authorized fund or nominal currency of issue of shares.

Founders and executives

At least one shareholder and director are required to open a firm in the jurisdiction. They may be non-residents of the country and be legal entities. The secretary is not required to hire, but in case of his attraction, he can also be a resident of any country and have any form of housekeeping.

Minimum package of documents for offshore company registration

  • A set of documents for identification of the beneficiary and certification of his income;
  • Memorandum;
  • Charter;
  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Resolution on the appointment of the director (s);
  • Resolution on the issue of shares;
  • Certificate of shares;
  • Declaration of rust;
  • Printing and apostille.

Company opening Prices

Registration of the company with the introduction in register – from $344. Package of apostilled documentation – from $275. Services of nominal service – from $365. Annual renewal (including reporting) – from $445.

The company GBS Agency can offer an expedited procedure of company registration in the jurisdiction – up to 48 hours. Thus, with the help of our lawyers and financial experts in 2 days you can fully carry out activity through the highest priority zone of the world!

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