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New Zealand is a country with one of the most stable political and economic systems in the world. In 2017 the state is included in the top-3 rating of economic freedom, which further emphasizes the attractiveness of jurisdiction for foreign investors. However, what else convinces entrepreneurs to open a business in New Zealand?

Registration of companies in New Zealand: what conditions are offered by jurisdiction

  1. The state is the signatory of the double taxation agreement with 27 countries of the world. Thus, the international company, depending on the business system, can choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for the payment of the fiscal contributions from those in the territory of which it operates.
  2. Free trade agreement with China. This allows New Zealand counterparties to import and export from China on preferential terms.
  3. Membership in the British commonwealth of nations. Due to the country's participation in this association, New Zealand companies are granted business benefits in the commonwealth countries and more loyal compared to the competition.
  4. The country does not belong to any black list of offshore zones. This allows contractors from any country to freely conduct business without fear of tax inspections in the territory of residence.
  5. A wide range of business schemes. Although the jurisdiction is not considered a classic offshore, depending on the scheme of registration and interaction of the parent and subsidiaries, the entrepreneur can minimize taxation to advantageous rates. In the year 2016-2017 it was popular to design a special purpose company under the management of a non-resident trust or an authorized limited liability company (LTC).
  6. Available tax rates. In case the company operates abroad, taxes are paid only to shareholders, depending on the amount of profit received. Standard rates of fiscal fees:
    • For legal, the income tax is 28%;
    • Capital gains tax – 0%;
    • VAT – 15%;
    • Tax at the source – up to 30%;
    • For individuals income tax – 33%;
    • Duty – $45.
  7. Simplified reporting requirements. All New Zealand companies need to submit an annual information report and accounting documentation, as well as undergo a tax audit.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Offshore registration in New Zealand: general regulations

Staff structure

A minimum of one director and shareholder is required to open a company. At the same time, a legal entity can act as a shareholder, while the director is only physical with the residence of another country Meetings of shareholders shall be held every year. The secretary is not required in the company. All data on the beneficiary are strictly confidential, as opposed to the publicity of the information about the executive persons.

Share capital

There are no requirements for the minimum and maximum size of the authorized capital in the jurisdiction, but it must be issued in the form of a minimum of 1 share, which must be paid.

Minimum package of documents:

  • Certificate of registration;
  • Charter;
  • Set of constituent documents;
  • Resolution on the appointment of directors;
  • Consent of the director (s) to take office;
  • Consent of the shareholder (s);
  • Resolution of the board of directors;
  • Shareholder resolution;
  • Register of founders and shareholders;
  • Trust declaration.

The cost of opening the company – from $895. Package of apostilled documentation – from $245. Services of nominal service – from $395. Annual extension of offshore, including reporting – $1 095.

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