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The Republic of Mauritius is on the list of countries with a growing economy-the annual growth of development since 1968 is 5-6%. This indicator became real for the country's authorities after the decision to diversify the economy and to focus on re-export through tax benefits for offshore companies.

What is the most popular registration of a company in Mauritius

  1. Mauritius is a member of the list of countries that have signed the Hague Convention. For business with a wide geographical branch it opens the biggest horizons: Doing Business without regulatory restrictions in all countries that have concluded the agreement.
  2. Full banking secrecy. Thus, regardless of the scope of business and operations, all transactions through the local banks of the Republic are protected by a secret of 100%. Disclosure of information about account holders is also completely prohibited.
  3. Lack of currency control. All business operations on the island can be carried out in any freely convertible currency. The formation of the authorized capital in any currency of the world is also available.
  4. Increased level of confidentiality. Corporate data about beneficiary, founders of the company, personnel, financial transactions are completely secret.
  5. No tax burden on entrepreneurship. Depending on the form of registration (international company or offshore), the amount of taxes is 0-35%.
    • For legal the income tax is 0%.
    • For individuals, the income tax is 15%.
    • VAT – 15%.
    • Capital gains tax, at source – 0%.
    • State fee – $65.
    • Emblem fee – 0%.
  6. Signing an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with 37 world jurisdictions. Due to the signing of this document by Mauritius, all domestic companies with the residence of the republic are exempt from taxes both on the island territory and in other countries of international business.
  7. Freedom of doing business. There is no annual tax audit in the republic; there are no requirements for annual reporting, registration and storage of financial statements for offshore companies. Shareholders ' fees can be held anywhere in the world without any restrictions in the form of organization or filing of fee protocols. The companies have no requirements on the authorized capital and the form of the issue of shares. A registered company in Mauritius can be easily redomicile to another jurisdiction without losing assets, profits, property and disclosure of the founders ' data.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to register an offshore company in Mauritius

To register a firm, one shareholder, director and Secretary are required to represent the company's interests before the authorities. They can have any residency and registration form (both physical and entity). To open a company requires the registration of an office in the Republic, as well as a resident agent, which will represent the interests of the company. For opening companies in the sphere of banking, insurance or investment activity it is required to obtain a license and the status of a legal entity-resident of the country.

Minimum package of documents:

  • Documents to identify the beneficiary;
  • Substantiation of beneficiary's income;
  • In case one of the shareholders is a legal entity – the company's balance sheet and financial statements for the last 3 years by the time of the offshore registration;
  • Data on the planned activity of the company (can be in the form of a business plan);
  • Memorandum and Charter of the joint-stock company.

It is worth noting that the opening of the company for non-residents is available without the participation of the owner.

The cost of registration is from $3 295 (including apostilled package of documents), services of nominal service – from $395, annual renewal of offshore – from $2 995 (including reporting).

The period of registration of a new company with a register can take up to 4 weeks. But, using the services of specialists, you can speed up this process, removing all the hardships of paper and representative red tape.

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