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The Marshall Islands is an exotic Pacific jurisdiction that has gained independence, but is actually under the financial and defense partnership of the United States. After all, thanks to America for the last 20 years the growth rate of the Republic GDP has increased more than twice! What else is the attractiveness of the zone for entrepreneurs?

Registration of a company in the Marshall Islands: what you need to know about tax haven businessman:

  • Due to the fact that the management of incorporation actually originates from the associated America, all offshore companies registered in the zone freely and without hindrance cooperate with the American counterparties. In addition, given the negative attitude of the United States towards offshore business, this is almost the main reason for the company registration in this harbor.
  • One of the fastest and cheapest procedures for registration of sea and air transport is in the jurisdiction.
  • Availability of mergers with other states, including for the purpose of incorporation.
  • Availability of transfer of companies to the jurisdiction without loss of legal status, assets and corporate rights.
  • Possibility of opening of English and American type companies.
  • No currency control in the tax haven.
  • The Republic is the signatory of the Hague Convention.
  • Advantageous tax system: companies that operate outside the borders of the islands are completely exempt from all types of corporate taxes and contributions, including stamp duty. The exception is the annual payment of the license fee ($450).
  • Offshore companies in the Republic have no established requirements for registration and submission of accounting documentation. The legislation only prescribes that in case of audit, the management is obliged to submit the corresponding reports confirming legality of operations.

The company registration in the Marshall Islands has several atypical limitations:

  • There can be no natural or legal persons from the residence of the republic among the founders and directors.
  • Offshore companies may not cooperate with residents of the jurisdiction.
  • Non-resident firms do not have the right to own property on the islands.
  • Offshore companies may not act as a registration agent for the counterparties of the republic.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to open a company in the Marshall Islands

Staffing of the company

To register a new company will require at least one director and shareholder of any form of management, but necessarily resident of another country. The firm is also obliged to have a secretary. There are no established regulations in relation to shareholders ' meetings. All data on the beneficiary, founders and executives is strictly confidential.

Charter capital of incorporation

The islands have no established rules for the minimum or maximum size of the statutory fund, but it is noted that the amount of capital must be declared. The statutory fund may be issued in the form of any shares. Bearer shares are not tied to storage in the office.

Minimum package of documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation registration;
  • Statute and memorandum;
  • Minutes of the first meeting;
  • Resolution on the appointment of executive persons;
  • Register of founders and shares;
  • Certificate of shares;
  • General nominal power of attorney.

The cost of opening a company with the help of GBS Agency is from $745. Package of apostilled documentation – from $195. Services of nominal service – from $545. Annual renewal, including registration of reports – from $745.

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