Malta is a country where the level of economic growth in the last decade has been at least 9% annually. The GDP for 2017 was $12.54 billion and the international reserve amounted to $832.992 million. Only based on these figures we can safely say that the registration of a company in Malta – a profitable investment in the future of your business.

Why is it profitable to open an offshore company in Malta

Free trade relations with the EU countries

Due to the fact that since 2004 Malta has become a member of the EU, all current and new Maltese companies have the right to trade with economic priority countries on concessional terms. This enables the business to significantly expand the markets of its goods and services.

The tax audit of the company - only once a year

This procedure allows the Malta Tax service to make sure that the company is not designed to avoid tax evasion. For business, it creates guarantees that any potential corporate partner is not a fake company.

Absence of most taxes for international business:

  • Absence of taxes on dividends of the holding participants (in case the main company has not less than 10% of shares from subsidiaries or has invested not less than €1.5 mln, without changing this amount at least 183 days);
  • No capital gains tax on the sales of precious metals, bonds, shares or holding assets;
  • 5% tax on the income from preferred shares;
  • 5% tax on profit from trading activity;
  • 10% taxation of passive income (royalties, dividends, interest, etc.).

Confidentiality of data for the beneficiaries of the Maltese offshore zone

Nominee Director of the company is a resident of the state of Malta. At the expense of this, beneficial owners can be fully confident that the information about them will not be mentioned in any open company documentation.

Minimum time to register a company in Malta

For any sphere of business, the opening of a new enterprise will take more than 2 days to visit, and the purchase of a functioning organization does occur within 1 day without the presence of the beneficiary. However, it is provided that you seek the help of experienced professionals who work in offshore areas already visit the first year and provide the full range of guarantees.

Simplified conditions of business organization in the country

All the paper red tape of the company can only have one person-secretary. His duties can be performed both by the director of the company, i.e. physical person, and by an employee on the territory of the Maltese state.

Key features of Malta jurisdiction: what you need to know

Although Malta has a number of business advantages, the economic zone of the State does not belong to the list of tax-free jurisdictions. Formally, the size of corporate tax is 35%, but in fact the business will pay only 6/7 tax-5%. Besides, even under the condition of annual turnover of the company with the Ukrainian committee of over ₴ 10 mln, the company from Ukraine does not need to form reports to domestic government about transfer pricing.

It should be noted that offshore in Malta also allows to withdraw dividends outside the country without taxes. In addition, the Malta agreement with the 71 jurisdiction for the avoidance of double taxation allows the beneficiaries to open subsidiaries in the territory of the new privileged zones. In the near future, such agreement will enter into force with Ukraine as its ratification has already occurred in 2017. For domestic entrepreneurs who are only thinking about international expansion, it is a guarantor of new benefits in a couple of years. However, not to organize the work of business hastily when introducing benefits, it is better to open a company in Malta in advance.



Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to open an offshore company in Malta

  1. To register a new business requires a minimum amount of €1.165 thousand, with the mandatory deposit of the amount of €233.
  2. The minimum number of employees in the creation of a new legal entity-3 persons. It must be mandatory, the nominal owner (resident of the country), and 2 other employees (possible representation of non-residents of the country) or shareholder.
  3. If a new investment project or bank organization is created, a license is required.
  4. Availability of a minimum package of documents:
    • Apostilled status – Apostille Certificate for a Articles of association;
    • Apostilirovannoe conclusion of the Board of Directors – Apostilled Opinion Letter of the boards;
    • Minutes of the meeting – minutes of the meeting;
    • Share certificates;
    • With resolution of the participants – Apostilled resolutions of the Subscribers.

After 2 days you already get a company that can fully operate on the territory of the Maltese state.

However, it is worth remembering that the self-collection document and organization of work can take a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to turn to the company, which operates in the country of registration, and fully can take over all tape on opening business in Malta in short term.

What is the cost of Global Business Service Agency services

Registration – from 3295 USD (the price includes apostilled package of documents).

Nominal service (Representative services) – from 5265 USD.

Annual renewal – from 6545 USD (included reporting).

Contact only professionals in the offshore business, and appreciate all the benefits personally!