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Curaçao is the state of the Antilles, which gained independence relatively recently in 2010. From that moment, the government created the best conditions for the development and diversification of the country economy, and the main decision was to create an offshore zone. In 2017-2018 the state gained popularity at the expense of the profitable system of organization of Incorporations in the sphere of gambling, e-commerce, trade (the main buyers are in the USA, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Bahamas).

Curaçao offshore: what are the reasons and benefits of choosing this jurisdiction

  1. In E-zone there is a profitable system of construction and taxation of gambling business: the cost of the license varies from 24 to 32 thousand dollars, and the owners pay a single fixed tax – 2% of the income.
  2. The jurisdiction is chosen by the business, which strives to optimize taxation in online-commerce: There are tax-free rates for trade holdings, which operate through special software for electronic communication, and for companies that store, process and sell goods from the territory of the island abroad.
  3. The island has a profitable scheme to avoid taxes on transfer, donation and inheritance of property (including real estate) for family private foundations.

Offshore in Curaçao and the peculiarities of conducting activities in the jurisdiction

  • In order to optimize the taxation of the company, at least 10% of the shares are required to register the shareholders.
  • Constituent assemblies are obligatory to be held, and only in the territory of the islands, but it is allowed to use a confidential visit to the general meeting.
  • Any company, regardless of the sphere of activity and residence, is required to conduct and submit accounting records, as well as to pass the tax audit.
  • An investment firm or a holding company, in order to optimize the tax scheme, shall keep the assets and capital in the parent company in the territory of another jurisdiction.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to open an offshore company in Curaçao

Founders and executives

To open a new firm will require a legal address in the territory of the state, as well as a registration agent from the residence country. Registration of the company requires the presence of a minimum of one shareholder and director, without restrictions on the form of management (physical and legal entity). The presence of at least one director from the residence country is obligatory. There is no public access to the register of founders and data on beneficiary on the island.

Authorized capital

The minimum amount of the declared share capital is absent, but the minimum paid statutory fund should be not less than $30 thousand. Does not allow the issue of shares without par value. Bearer shares must also be fully paid.

Package of documents:

  • Beneficiary data;
  • Data on founders, in case of attraction of individuals;
  • Corporate data on the founders-legal entities;
  • Memorandum;
  • Charter;
  • Minutes of the first meeting of shareholders;
  • Resolution on the appointment of the Director;
  • Consent of the Director;
  • Nominal power of attorney.

The cost of opening a firm in Curacao-from $4 875 (including apostilled package of documents). Nominal service is not included. Annual extension of the offshore company – from $3 445 (turning off the reporting).

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