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Belize is a country with a developed economy in agriculture, tourism and trade. It is due to the fact that Belize recently (1981) gained independence, the power of the state creates all the preferential conditions to bring the country to the level of developed. For more than 10 years, Belize has shown a strong economic growth rate each participant is fully year – 5%, which is a sure confirmation of the country's priority to open a new firm.

Belize company registration: key business features

  1. Geographical location of the country. Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala, which opens new horizons for business in the field of logistics and international trade.
  2. Complete confidentiality of data on operations, founders, executives and business companies in Belize. Despite the fact that since July 21, 2017 all offshore companies are obliged to keep the register of beneficiaries, shareholders and founders, the country still remains the highest in the rating of protection of business information.
  3. The jurisdiction has signed the double taxation agreement with 13 states. This allows international resident companies to enjoy tax and benefits in the territory of the country where it is profitable for business.
  4. For all operations in the country there is no currency control for all types of companies.
  5. Minimum tax rates for all companies registered in the territory of the State:
    • For legal entities income tax – 0%;
    • For individuals, the income tax is 25%;
    • Capital Gains tax – 0%;
    • VAT – 12.5%;
    • Tax at the source – 25%;
    • Duty – $100-1000 depending on the amount of the authorized capital;
    • Government fee – 0%.
  6. Absence of requirements for registration of financial documentation. All companies are exempt from tax audit, conducting mandatory financial statements and putting documents in fiscal services. The only requirement is to maintain those forms of documentation which, in the case of audit, will confirm the legality and legitimacy of the company activities (at the discretion of the director).

Offshores in Belize do not have the right to buy property in the country, can not share a legal address with other companies or provide services to the local population. At the same time, the maintenance of legal, banking, insurance, tourism, logistics, accounting activities requires obtaining a license.



Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Belize offshore registration: features of the procedure

Staff structure of the company

To open a firm in the jurisdiction requires at least one director, regardless of residency and form of registration (natural or legal person). The shareholder in the company must also be at least one, but in case of registration of an international company it must be resident, regardless of the form of business (natural or legal person). Shareholders ' meetings are not regulated on the territory of the country, but for reporting in the Office you need to keep the meeting minutes.

Statutory fund

The authorized capital of the company is not regulated by size and can be specified in any freely convertible currency. Nevertheless, the size of the authorized capital depends on the duty: capital to or equal to $50 thousand. In the equivalent currency – the fee is $100, the capital is over $50 thousand levied duty in $1000. The capital can be issued at least for one share. In the jurisdiction, the issue of all types of shares is available, but bearer shares are recommended to be stored at the company's agent's place of registration.

Minimum package of documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Memorandum and statute;
  • Protocol of the first meeting;
  • Resolution on the appointment of the director;
  • Certificate of shares;
  • Contract for the provision of nominal service (in case of its use).

The cost of company registration in the jurisdiction is one of the lowest in the world, and for customers GBS Agency to make from $515. Registration of a package of apostilled documents – from $275. Services of nominal service – from $385. Annual extension of offshore (including reporting) – from $695.

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