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Switzerland – the leader in the index of prosperity, international competitiveness rating, is included in the top-5 index of economic freedom and is in high positions in the ranking of countries in the ease of doing business for the year 2017. Switzerland is synonymous with stability, reliability and protection by the state. That is why the firm registration in Switzerland is considered to be a profitable business, (today the confederation is among the twenty largest investment zones in the world).

7 reasons why you should open a company in Switzerland

  1. Switzerland is considered to be the state with the most steadily growing economy: despite the two major global crises, this year the confederation is again showing new growth records for the last 10 years — 2.9%.
  2. The jurisdiction creates favorable conditions for doing business in the sphere of development: the real estate of the country grows annually in prices on 3 – 4%, and the state protects interests of owners irrespective of residence of Switzerland.
  3. All capital and income from investment projects can be freely exported outside the country.
  4. Swiss banks are known for their inviolability of the client-all information about the owners of private accounts is strictly confidential and is not publicized even in case of Litigation.
  5. There are very advantageous terms of crediting for new business in jurisdiction – 3.75 – 4.5% per annum. Moreover, these rates also apply to mortgage corporate loans.
  6. The state is ideally suited for export-import activities: the largest financial and political whales in the world (Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Italy) border the confederation.
  7. Flexible three-tier tax system: federal (income tax up to 8.5%), cantonal (4 – 25% depending on the field of activity and local laws) and municipal (in most cases as a percentage of cantonal taxes) fees. In this case, if the company operates outside the jurisdiction, it pays only federal taxes.

Company registration in Switzerland: general requirements and regulations

The regulations governing the operation of the new incorporation directly depend on the canton of company registration and asset. If you take the average, then to open a company will require at least one founder (natural or legal person, regardless of the nationality of the country) and one director (only a natural person with residence in Switzerland). The state requires the incorporation of a regular meeting of shareholders and the board of directors.

The minimum amount of the authorized capital for a limited liability company is 20,000 Swiss francs, for a joint-stock company – 100, 8 thousand Swiss francs. The amount of the paid authorized fund shall be not less than 50% percent by the time of registration of the company in register.

The minimum package of documents for opening a new firm also depends on the canton of the country, sphere of activity and organizational-legal form.

The cost of opening a legal entity in Switzerland is only €9 900 for customers of GBS Agency.

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