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Sweden is a country with the least external public debt, a stable political situation and a minimum level of poverty for the world citizens. In 2017, the growth of GDP of the Kingdom was 4.69%, which is a record in the last 5 years. However, to open a firm in Sweden will be interesting, first, to those entrepreneurs who specialize in innovations and developments, as in jurisdiction the best system insufficiency start-up operates.

Company registration in Sweden: why should you choose this jurisdiction

  1. Strengthened support of small business at the state Level: annually business incubators of the country invest up to 2.7 bln in local currency to new companies and ideas.
  2. The priority of "smart technologies". The kingdom is the largest market in the Scandinavian region by the number of IT companies and the number of registered patents for one citizen of the country.
  3. Investment attractiveness of geological exploration works. Swedish companies are mainly moving to green technologies and renewable energy, so many minerals are still in the bowels of the Earth. In addition, according to the rating of the Fraser Institute, the country is among the top-3 investors interested in the extractive industry.
  4. Medicine and biotechnology. Swedish medicine is recognized as the highest quality and reliable in the world, and on the territory of the state are located the 3 largest medical-research institutes in Europe.
  5. Tax system jurisdiction:
    • Income tax for legal entities — 26.3% (in case of doing business abroad-0%);
    • Incoming dividends — 26.3% (0% If the income is received from the resident firms of the jurisdiction with the participation stakes of at least 25%);
    • Dividends — 30% (in some cases not charged);
    • Royalty — 0%;
    • Interest — 0%;
    • VAT — 25%.

Financial statements

For all companies in the jurisdiction it is necessary to submit VAT statements once a month, and on corporate tax-once a quarter. The company must provide a balance sheet, financial results report and annually pass the tax audit.

How to open a business in Sweden

To open a new firm will require a minimum of a founder-a natural or legal person, regardless of residency, as well as one director-a natural person (in a public company requires the involvement of a minimum of 3 directors).

The minimum amount of the authorized capital for opening a limited liability company is 50 thousand SEK. For the opening joint-stock company – 500 thousand SEK. All declared statutory fund must be paid by the time of registration. The issue of bearer shares and without par value is prohibited in the Jurisdiction.

Minimum package of documents:

  • Set of documents KYC on the founders and directors;
  • Charter and foundation agreement;
  • Application to register;
  • Nominal power of attorney.

The cost of company registration with GBS Agency service is from €4 000. More about the apostilled package of documents and services of nominal service directly for your business check with our financial and legal experts!