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In 2017, Romania is recognized as the most dynamically developing state in Europe – the growth of the economy for the year 6.4%. In addition, according to the forecast of European Commission, in 2018 the Republic will confirm its leading positions on the level of GDP. Although the Europeans consider the Romanians "the first" in the rating of labor migration, a steady pace of development, annual grants of 18 billion. The EU is saying that the country is on a confident path of development, which is a significant reason to open a firm in Romania now.

Company registration in Romania: features and benefits of jurisdiction

  1. The country is an attractive sector for outsourcing companies at the expense of cheap labor: Romania is in the penultimate place in the average salary rating.
  2. The Republic is among the top 5 European states on the investment attractiveness of the production sector: last year, the total foreign direct investment allowed to open 51 new project, than increased productivity and profitability sector by 21%.
  3. Foreign business, which opens new companies in the jurisdiction, can count on a number of grants and benefits, provided that activities in the priority areas of the economy and the involvement of local people to work.
  4. Possibility to obtain residence permit and citizenship of the country to the founders of incorporations.
  5. Concessional tax rates increase the attractiveness of jurisdiction for incorporation:
    • Corporate tax – 16% (for companies with incomes less than €100 thousand and staff up to 9 employees — reduced rates, and for firms of special regime — 3%);
    • VAT — 19% (9%-for food, pharmacology, polygraph, 5% —for Social housing);
    • Legal income tax — 10%;
    • Dividends, interest and royalties are taxed at 16% for residents and 5% for non-residents of the country.
  6. All foreign companies in Romania can submit simplified annual financial statements (excluding cases of exceeding the balance of €3.650 million, sales of €7.5 million or workers in 50 people).

Company opening in Romania: basic requirements

To open a limited liability company will need only 1 founder (regardless of residence and form of management), and for the joint-stock company – 2 participants (without restrictions in residence and form of management). The director is appointed by the founders and can also act as a non-resident of the country.

For a limited liability company, the minimum amount of the statutory fund is €50, divided into equal shares between the founders. The declared share capital requires full payment by the time of registration of the company Name. For a joint-stock company, the statutory fund-a minimum €22 500, where 30% of the issued and 100% of the material contributions must be paid by the time of registration, 70% of the issued capital – in the first year of operation. The issue of bearer shares is prohibited in the Jurisdiction.

The cost of registering a new company in the jurisdiction is from €2025. On services of nominal service and registration of apostilled package of documents specify at experts GBS Agency!

We are ready to advise you on the individual scheme of doing business in Romania right now!