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Montenegro – the state, which by the end of 2017 took the 7th place in terms of investment in real estate, according to the newspaper "The Telegraph". In addition, according to the World tourism and travel council, in 2017 the country is the leader in the level of tourism growth. That is why company registration in Montenegro is a reasonable highly profitable investment in the future of your international business.

Why it is worth to open a company in Montenegro: 7 key features of jurisdiction

  1. In the state, there is a simplified scheme of registration of companies even in the most priority areas of the economy: insurance, financial sector, gaming business.
  2. Jurisdiction is an attractive center of capital accumulation even for the largest companies registered in offshore: in 2017, the inflow of funds amounted to €138.9 million, with a reverse outflow of only €31 million.
  3. Montenegro is the highest priority country in terms of business development. Extremely cheap real estate, in comparison with other countries of Europe, for the last 3 years risen on 250, 5%, and the tendency to increase in prices will hold still long period.
  4. Montenegro is a member of influential international organizations: UN, OSCE, CoE and NATO (since 2017). In addition, the jurisdiction maintains close relations with the EU in relation to trade and international investment.
  5. Since October 1, 2018, the country has launched the program "citizenship for investments", thanks to which any international businessperson who opens a new business in a country with a certain size of investment, can obtain citizenship and the respective privileges.
  6. Minimum tax burden:
    • Income tax – 9%;
    • Income tax for legal entities– 9%;
    • Dividend tax – 15%;
    • VAT – 19%;
    • Tax on real estate turnover – 3%;
    • Property tax – 0.1 – 1%.
  7. Simplified financial reporting system. Although in Montenegro, all firms, without exception, should take a minimum of financial reporting, tax audit and declaration is mandatory for firms with a large turnover of capital.

How to open a business in Montenegro

Several forms of organization are available in the jurisdiction for foreign investors:

  • Private enterprise;
  • A simple partnership;
  • Limited partnership;
  • Joint-stock company;
  • Limited liability company;
  • Representative office or branch of an international company.

To open one of the above-mentioned organizational and legal forms, it will take at least one founder, a natural or legal person, regardless of residency. The available number of founders is up to 30 persons, the list of which is divulged. It will also require at least one executive director who can also be a non-resident of Montenegro (but in this case, it is necessary to formalize a work permit in the state).

The minimally available share capital varies depending on the asset, and is not less than €1.

The cost of company registration with the help of financial and legal experts GBS Agency is only €2000. On the question of services of nominal service and registration of a package of apostilled documentation, please contact the specialists of the company!

Open a business in the field of real estate and tourism in Montenegro in just 14 days with the help of specialists GBS Agency! Our consultation is free!