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The Republic of Moldova is a state where the priority part of the country GDP is in the sphere of services (about 75%). A significant reorientation of the economy occurred after the opening of the EU delegation in Chisinau in 2005, which caused the influx of foreign investments. Since 2007 more than 100 laws were passed in the country, which significantly simplify and liberalizing the process of opening a business in Moldova.

6 reasons why international business should open a company in Moldova

  1. The country is actively cooperating with the EU and other international organizations, which allowed the Republic to increase exports to partner countries by 10%.
  2. In the state operates 7 FEZ, mainly aimed at the development of agricultural, industrial and infrastructural construction, where incorporation can be fully or partially exempt from taxes for 3 or 5 years.
  3. Loyal banking legislation. All companies of Moldova can have settlement accounts both in the jurisdiction and abroad, while maintaining increased confidentiality about the size of assets and sources of transactions.
  4. Advantageous rates of fiscal contributions. There is a territorial system of taxation in the state: all companies operating abroad of Moldova do not pay contributions to the budget. In case of operations in the territory of the country, tax rates are as follows:
    • Income tax for legal – 12% (for VAT payers) or 3% (from the non-payers operations);
    • VAT – 20%;
    • Tax at the source – 6%;
    • Corporate social contributions – 23%.
  5. The state is signatory more than 45 treaties on avoidance of double taxation, which can significantly reduce the fiscal burden on regional representations of international corporations.
  6. The Republic has a simplified system of financial reporting: local bodies do not require foreign incorporation to pass a tax audit or the accounting documentation.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Opening of the company in Moldova: what are the requirements for the entrepreneur

To open a joint-stock company will require at least two founders, legal or physical person, regardless of residency. The maximum number of founders is up to 50. All shareholders are responsible for the operation of the company only within the limits of shares or units, depending on the share contribution to the company.

The authorized capital of the company must be not less than 5 400 (for LLC) or 20 000 (for JSC) Lei, and issued in the form of shares or units.

The minimum package of documents varies depending on the form of organization and the form of managing founders.

The cost of registration of a new company for GBS Agency customers is from €1 900. Our specialists 24/7 can clarify more about the services of nominal service and a package of apostilled documentation!

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