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Luxembourg is one of the largest financial and economic centers in Europe. With the population in 2017 – 608 thousand people, Luxembourg is the leader in the number of banks and investment funds in the whole region. At that, 65% of the country GDP is formed at the expense of international incorporations, whose savings are kept in the banks of the Grand Duchy. So what attracts the jurisdiction of new investors?

Registration of a company in Luxembourg: 6 facts to be known to the entrepreneur:

  1. State membership in the UN, EU, OECD, NATO and the Union Benelux creates a wide range of duty-free trading opportunities for the new business, simplified procedures for cooperation with international partners and additional benefits from the prestige of the jurisdiction.
  2. The state represents the most developed sphere of financial services with the highest confidentiality of account holders in Europe.
  3. In 2017, the jurisdiction showed the highest popularity for international companies in the IT segment: The assets of Microsoft, Skype and Apple are registered on the territory of the country. This fact only increases the interest of the zone for new companies in the field of IT development.
  4. The most loyal tax regime in respect of proceeds derived from intellectual property of corporations (IP-Box) is in the jurisdiction.
  5. The duchy's tax rates have territorial characteristics: companies with residence countries whose operations are carried out within the State, or whose activities are controlled from Luxembourg pay taxes.
  6. Total tax rates:
    • Income tax (corporate tax + tax to the employment Service + municipal tax) – 29.22%;
    • VAT – 3-15%;
    • Source tax – 15% (not payable if the parent company is located in the EU or the recipient is another company with the residence country);
    • Tax on individuals income – up to 43%;
    • Property tax for legal – 0.5%.
  7. All companies of the jurisdiction are obliged to submit annual (in some cases, quarterly) financial statements, certified at the meeting of the founders and the board of directors, as well as vised certified auditor.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

How to open a company in Luxembourg: mandatory regulations and features

In the country for international business the most profitable 3 forms of registration: S.A., S. A. R. L and S. A. R. L – S (available from 2017). The first two forms require the presence of a shareholder and a director, without requirements for residency and form of management, but S. A. R. L-S can open and one founder, but necessarily only a natural person. There are no restrictions on holding shareholder meetings (as well as keeping records) in the jurisdiction.

Authorized capital:

  • For S.A. – €12.5 thousands (at the time of registration is paid in full);
  • For S. A. R. L– €31 thousands (at the moment of registration it is paid at least 25%);
  • For S. A. R. L – S-from €1 (if annually the company will carry out deductions in the amount of at least 5% of net profit for the purpose of accumulation of the authorized capital).

Only registered shares or bearers are available in various organizational and legal forms.

Minimum documentation Package: Memorandum and Charter. Other documents depend on the sphere of activity and company organization.

The cost of opening a company in Luxembourg is from €4 800. More to learn about the services of nominal service and a set of apostilled documentation can be found at GBS Agency for free right now!

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