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After 2008, Greece lost its status as an economically developed country and got into a debt crisis. Nevertheless, for international corporations this situation means only new investment attractiveness of the country: commercial real estate and problematic assets are realized by Greece on more than favorable terms. In addition, given that Greece is a tourist country with advantageous territorial location, the increase of stability of the economy is inevitable, which represents incorporations an excellent opportunity to get multi-million dollar income in the next few years.

On what conditions it is possible to open business in Greece

  1. All representatives of incorporations in the state can expect to get a residence permit, and, in the future, to the citizenship of the country.
  2. Business in the field of shipping with management from Greece or shipping transport under the flag of the country is completely exempt from corporate taxes and make only a simplified ship fee.
  3. Incorporations, which employ Greek citizens, have the right to receive State grants.
  4. Subsidiaries of international companies are fully or partially exempted from the tax burden by the signing by Greece of treaties on avoidance of double taxation.
  5. For resident firms base rates of taxation:
    • Income tax – 22-42%;
    • Income tax for individuals – 26-33%;
    • VAT – 6.5-23%;
    • Tax at source – 10-26%;
    • Real estate tax-15-45%;
    • Tax on real estate transactions – 3-24%.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Company registration in Greece: general requirements for incorporation

Staff structure

To open a company in Greece, it will require a minimum of 1 shareholder and 3 directors, regardless of residency and form of management. The beneficiary data is closed to external access, but the executives appear in the open registry of companies.

Statutory fund

The minimum amount of the paid share capital is €24 000, which must be fully entered by the moment of the company opening. The issue of all forms of shares is available except for bearer shares. What is important, for incorporations, it is obligatory to deposit $50 thousand as a bank guarantor to the company account in Greece by the time of opening and annual exchange of $100 thousand. To the local currency.

The minimum package of documents varies depending on the form of registration of a new firm and business sphere.

The cost of opening a company is from €500. On registration of apostilled package of documents and services of nominal service specify at experts of company GBS Agency!

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