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Estonia is a country of know-how and start-ups, the so-called "flint valley" of the European region. Due to the latest trends in IT-development of the republic, in 2017 the state showed a colossal explosion in the economy – a growth of GDP of 6.74%. That is why, today the registration of the company in Estonia is popular for reducing the tax burden, conducting mediation operations and opening holdings.

To open a company in Estonia is to accumulate capital correctly, or all the possibilities of modern jurisdiction

However, a non-resident company, which does not distribute the tax between the founders of the company, does not pay fiscal fees. In addition, non-resident companies do not pay taxes on goods and services received or sold on the territory of the EU without entry into the country.

  1. Reliable financial system of the republic. According to the European central bank, the banking services sector in Estonia is the most profitable in the central region.
  2. Simplified system of remote business management. Estonia is the first "electronic" state in the world, where the majority of services and government permits can be obtained through the network.
  3. In the jurisdiction, it is possible to obtain a crypto-license, which provides opportunities to open the cryptocurrency exchange and conduct activities in the field of ICO.
  4. The country is a popular European center in the field of IT-solutions, so companies in the field of information development will be much easier to find partners and buyers in the B2B sector.
  5. There are zero tax rates for non-resident business in the jurisdiction of the general tax system:
    • Income tax for legal entities – 20%;
    • Capital gains tax – 0%;
    • VAT – 20% (in case of annual turnover of more than €16 thousand);
    • Tax at the source – up to 10%;
    • Individuals income tax – 21%;
  6. Estonia has signed 60 double tax treaties, which also significantly reduces the tax burden for international companies.
  7. The country has minimum requirements for registration and delivery of financial statements, and there are no requirements for tax audit.

Company registration in Estonia: what the businessperson needs to know

Three of the most popular asset companies for Non-resident businesses are in the Jurisdiction: limited liability company (OU), Individual entrepreneurship (FIE) and joint stock company (AS).

The common feature of all asset: any company can open only one founder, regardless of residency, but in the case of a joint-stock company, it is necessary to create a board of 3 directors.

Minimum amount of authorized capital:

  • For an individual entrepreneur – not regulated;
  • For a limited liability company – minimum €2 500 (the declared capital may be paid in instalments, there are no requirements for obligatory payment);
  • For a Joint-stock company – €25 000 (also available payment in instalments, it is possible to deposit a share in the capital in the form of intellectual property or material values).

The minimum package of organizational documents varies depending on the organizational and legal form of doing business, as well as the scope of activity.

The cost of opening the company in just 4 days with the help of specialists of GBS Agency – from €500. For services of accounting support, nominal service and registration of apostilled package of documents, check with our experts!