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The Czech Republic is one of the top 5 countries in Europe, accounting for almost 25% of European direct investment. Loyal legislation, favorable business conditions and confident rates of economic growth (at least 5% per year) lead the Czech Republic to the leaders. By the way, the international information-publishing house Bloomberg considers the state "a new investment paradise". That is why the registration of the company in the Czech Republic is not just an agency scheme for the development of incorporations, but also advantageous expanses of realization of new business ideas in the central region.

Is it advantageous to open a company in the Czech Republic: peculiarities of jurisdiction

  1. New Czech companies can count on profitable business lending – only 2% per Annum.
  2. International business can get mortgage lending for real estate purchase, or buy real estate with VAT refund.
  3. Companies in the Republic are often used in the schemes of purchase and registration of cars for companies with a return of 21% VAT.
  4. Establishment of a new company or purchase of a share in the existing business for a foreigner provides an opportunity to obtain a residence permit.
  5. The state lies at the crossroads of major trade routes between Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Poland. Export trade with EU countries is considered to be one of the most profitable spheres of activity.
  6. Soft Fiscal policy of the country. Tax rates in 2018:
    • Income tax for legal entities– 19%;
    • Income tax for individuals – 15%;
    • VAT – 21% (reduced rate – 10% and 15% for products of basic necessities);
    • Tax on real estate transactions – 4%;
    • Inheritance and donation tax – 0.5-40%.
  7. Delivery of financial statements for all companies-only once a year.

Registration of the company in the Czech Republic: general regulations

The most common organizational and legal forms in the Czech Republic are limited liability company and joint stock company (S.R.O. and A. S.).

To open a new firm in the jurisdiction will require at least one founder (natural or legal Person) and one director (natural person), regardless of the residence of the country. In this case, if the director is not a resident of the republic, he must work under the contract with the company.

The minimum amount of the authorized capital for S.R.O. is €50, where 50% of the declared capital must be paid by the time of registration and the remaining 50% in the first 5 years of activity. The minimum authorized capital for A. S. is only €1 without payment requirements.

The package of organizational documentation varies depending on the organizational legal framework of the future company.

The cost of registering a new company with the services of GBS Agency will be for you only €1400. You can also discuss the services of nominal service in order to protect the information about the beneficiary and the founders.

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