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The economy of Bulgaria for the last 3 years has shown stable rates of development: From 2014 to 2017, GDP growth was about 4% annually. This situation was established in the country after the accession of Bulgaria to the EU, which significantly increased the attractiveness of the zone for international investors. Now registration of the company in Bulgaria is considered for the purpose of purchase of the real estate, registration of the car in leasing, reception of business-visa, and reception of crediting for business on favorable terms.

What you need to know about jurisdiction to open a company in Bulgaria

  1. An international company opened in Bulgaria can operate freely on concessional terms with all EU countries.
  2. The lowest corporate tax rate in the European region is 10% in the jurisdiction. VAT on export operations, on trade operations on the internal market of the EU, VAT transactions are not taxed.
  3. Other fiscal contributions:
    • Basic VAT Rate – 7-20%;
    • Income tax at the source – 5-10%;
    • The tax on the individuals is 10%.
  4. In Bulgaria, profits from the sale/purchase of shares on the local or European stock exchange are not taxed. Dividends from the counterparty from the EU economic zone countries are also not taxed.
  5. Preferential spheres of activity, which are subject to reduced tax rates, are considered to be agriculture, industry, IT, infrastructure construction, investment activity, shipping.
  6. The country has concluded about 66 treaties with various jurisdictions, including the former CIS countries, which avoid double taxation, reduce trade duties and simplify the procedure of supplying goods.
  7. All Bulgarian counterparties are obliged to submit financial statements, tax return and pass tax audit once a year.


Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account

Company registration in Bulgaria: general requirements

Founders and executives

All forms of doing business for non-residents are available 5, but the general requirements for the regular structure are the same. To register a company will require at least one shareholder and director, who can act as a legal entity with the residence of another country. The company is required to have a registered office and a secretary within the country. The company register is open for access to third parties.

Authorized capital

The minimum size of the authorized capital is $1, where 70% of it once measure the valley to be paid by the time of registration. The issue of all forms of shares is available.

Minimum package of documents:

  • Package of documents KYC for beneficiary, founders and director;
  • Minutes of the first meeting of founders;
  • Friendly contract;
  • Consent of the director to take office;
  • Agreement between the founders and directors;
  • Confirmation of payment of registration fees and statutory fund;
  • Apostille;
  • Nominal power of attorney.

The cost of company registration in Bulgaria is from €700. About peculiarities of registration of package of documentation and services of nominal service to learn from our experts!

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