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Global Business Service Agency provides services in the field of tax optimization. Our experienced professionals help clients with the opening and maintenance of offshore companies and opening bank accounts. GBS Agency organizes and supports the work of companies on all continents.


Do you want to expand your business and reach new global markets? Do you want to diversify business areas? Are you looking for new solvent customers? Registration of companies in Europe is a solution for all segments of business, which, with the help of experts of the company GBS Agency, will not take away your time and effort, and already in the shortest time, you will bring profit.

Top 3 jurisdictions where it is more profitable to open a company in Europe

  1. Switzerland is the world Financial Center, where all major investment funds, banks and credit structures are concentrated. A high rate of solvency of the population will provide any business with prestigious buyers and possibly future investors. According to the level of ease of doing business in 2017, the country occupies a confident 10th place.
  2. Denmark is a country with liberal legislation in favor of incorporation, where non-residents are completely exempt from the tax burden. Denmark has the most simplified system for obtaining permits, acquiring real estate and managing assets.
  3. England is the country with the highest economic and political authority in the world, which guarantees maximum protection of investors and foreign assets. Simple opening and management of the company, as well as advantageous conditions of profit withdrawal characterize the jurisdiction.

Business registration in Europe: other attractive areas

If the interests of your company are concentrated in other European regions, or you are looking for individual conditions for your company, GBS Agency specialists can offer you a choice of about 30 different countries:

  • Poland (registration from – €1200);
  • Czech Republic (registration from – €1400);
  • Hungary (registration from – €1500);
  • Spain (registration from – €3800);
  • Netherlands (registration from – €2800);
  • Moldova (registration from – €1900);
  • Slovakia (registration from – €850);
  • Estonia (registration from – €500);
  • France (registration from – €2000);
  • Austria (registration from – €4200);
  • Greece (registration from – €500);
  • Ireland (registration from – €1350);
  • Luxembourg (registration from – €4800);
  • Finland (registration from – €2100);
  • Germany (registration from – €3500);
  • Norway (registration from – €3800);
  • Sweden (registration from – €4000).

These and other EU zones with the best conditions for asset accumulation, protection of intellectual property, development of highly specialized areas of activity!

Our financial and legal experts will scrupulously study the specifics of your international business in order to choose the most optimal form of registration and taxation system.

Registration of European companies: advantages of cooperation with the company GBS Agency.

  1. Complete confidentiality of information about the beneficiary through direct cooperation with European companies.
  2. Reliability and protection of client's interests due to presence of offices in many European jurisdictions.
  3. We carry out only official cooperation with the signing of the contract, which creates our clients firm guarantees in our responsibility.
  4. A wide range of tax-free and jurisdictions areas.
  5. Advantageous rates for registration of a new company.

Still in doubt? In addition, your competitors are already receiving additional income in stable economic and political regions with minimal risks! Appreciate all the advantages of European business and you! Consultation of our experts is free!