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The Principality of Liechtenstein is a jurisdiction where in 2018 companies registered more than the population of the country. In connection with this fact, the banking system is actively developing for servicing the business operation. According to statistics, 20% of GDP is formed by the banking sector (in Switzerland this figure is only 11%). That is why, in view of the rapid development of the financial sector of the Principality, to open an account in Liechtenstein is the need for international businesspersons and investors.

Bank account in Liechtenstein: advantages and distinctive features of the jurisdiction

  1. Banking institutions of the Principality willingly open accounts for individuals and legal entities, both residents and citizens of other countries, including corporate banking for companies from offshore zones.
  2. In Liechtenstein, although there is a high level of confidentiality of beneficiary data, the exchange of tax information with Switzerland has been in effect since 2015.
  3. In the jurisdiction, you can open both multicurrency account and Swiss franc account, which enhances the company image in the eyes of business partners.
  4. In the banks of the country to receive each financial service (card issue, credit registration, deposit registration, internet banking) requires the signing of a separate contract.
  5. The Deposit Guarantee Fund of the jurisdiction covers losses up to 100 000 Swiss francs, and private and international banks guarantee refunds of funds in the amount even higher than the state.
  6. The banking structures of the country do not specify any restrictions on the minimum balance on the corporate account, but if the balance amount is less than 250 000 (on average for all financial institutions), the commission rate on transactions may increase almost twice.
  7. Liechtenstein banks in the next couple of years plan to introduce the possibility of opening a cryptocurrency account.

How to open a bank account in Liechtenstein

Minimum package of documents:

  1. A package of documents KYC (notarized copies) of the beneficiary, founders and the board of directors (in the case of opening a corporate account).
  2. Resolution of the board of directors on opening a bank account.
  3. Copies of the constituent documents certified by the notary.
  4. Company registration certificate.
  5. Letters of recommendation from other banks and from partners of the firm.
  6. Information on the scope of the company (business plan).
  7. Data on the current financial condition of the company.
  8. A letter with information about the purpose of opening an account (for the company).

Depending on the type of account and its purpose, a remote banking opening is available in some institutions.

Specialists of GBS Agency can have the following types of accounts:

  • Investment account in LGT Bank for 14 days;
  • Investment account in Liechtensteinische Landesbank for 14 days;
  • Investment account in Bendura Bank AG (formerly Valartisbank) for 14 days.

The cost of opening depends on a number of nuances, and starts from $500.

Our financial experts will assume all the obligations on opening a personal or corporate account in a short time according to your individual requests. Ask for a detailed consultation right now!