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A personal or corporate account in a foreign bank is a reliable tool for accumulating, controlling and saving money.

Today the opening of accounts in foreign banks is used in such cases:

  • Diversification and allocation of capital in order to reduce bank risks.
  • Sole ownership of the capital in several currencies in order to simplify and expedite routine payments.
  • Preservation and accumulation of funds in deposit accounts with confidentiality of information about the owner and all transactions.
  • Simplification of procedures for foreign transfers to the beneficiary country.
  • Transit "ways" of distributing investments to subsidiaries of corporations.

What account to open

Depending on the purpose, the accounts are calculated and investment (savings). Companies to regularly pay for goods and services usually use settlement accounts. Investment accounts accumulate financial assets and multiply the existing balance.

Depending on the tasks, the accounts are:

  • Current – used as corporate or personal accounts for unimpeded regular operations on advantageous terms with a minimum commission;
  • Deposit – used for continuous storage of currency within a certain period with accumulation of interest;
  • Card – used for quick management of credit corporate or personal funds and simply account of interest on the loan;
  • Investment – used in the case of long-term investments in securities, stocks, precious metals, etc.

Where is it better to open an account

Corporate accounts, usually, open either in the jurisdiction of management, or in reliable confidential banking organizations of offshore zones, or in prestigious and status international banks to guarantee the safety of deposits. Personal accounts are usually opened in the country where the currency is to be placed in the bank.

The search for a reliable bank should rely on the current rating of banking institutions, such as Global Finance.

How to open a foreign bank account

Opening of foreign accounts begins with the collection of necessary documentation, the list of which you can read only specifically in the interested bank. Separate financial structures require the personal presence of non-residents and letters of recommendation.

In general, the procedure itself may take from 1 day to several months due to the difficulty of verifying legal and tax information about a potential customer.

The financial experts of GBS Agency can take all the hardships at the choice of the bank, search for the optimal type and form of the account, to make the documentation fully. Working closely with the banking structures of many European, Asian and American banks, we have studied the specifics of the procedure and can guarantee our clients only a positive result!

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