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Global Business Service Agency provides services in the field of tax optimization. Our experienced professionals help clients with the opening and maintenance of offshore companies and opening bank accounts. GBS Agency organizes and supports the work of companies on all continents.



Opening of companies in offshore

Opening of companies in offshore

Our company provides services for the opening of any company in offshore. We have a wide range of options that we can pick up for your activities and niche.

Registration of European Companies

Registration of European Companies

We can register your company in any country or region you need. We have partners with whom we work in almost all European countries.

Opening bank accounts

Opening bank accounts

Opening accounts for businesses and individuals in foreign banks with a good reputation. Contact our specialists for more detailed information. We are a partner of 27 banks around the world.

Our advantages

Payment in any way
Individual approach
High quality services
Complete privacy


  • Guarantee of registration and quality service

    At the request of the client, we conclude an official contract of confidential nature, and payment of services is carried out on the basis of the invoice.

    If we have made mistakes in the structure of the company or any documents, we will eliminate them as soon as possible and at our own expense.

  • Account Opening Guarantee

    The final decision is always taken by the bank. For our part, we pre-coordinate your business with the bank. Prior consent of the bank in 99% of cases guarantees a positive result. In case of refusal, we will offer you opening an account with another bank at no extra charge. The guarantee does not cover cases when the client provides knowingly unreliable information.

  • Guarantee of a qualitative tax decision

    We use time-tested solutions. When developing individual tax planning schemes, we involve our partners – lawyers and tax advisors – from the countries involved in the scheme. Attraction of "local" specialists allows to get the most effective and at the same time legal decision.

Order a consultation

How it works?

Apply for and provide a company name
Notary registration of a company and its entry into the register
Receiving original documents
Opening a bank account



Types of offshore jurisdictions
August 8, 2018

For a better understanding of all the requirements and opportunities for international business, you need to know what types of offshore zones exist and on what principles they are divided.

VAT reform in the EU
September 6, 2018

In the conditions of orientation of the EU countries to the development of a free economy, the relevant legislative norms change regularly.


Roman Kudryavtsev, Minsk

Thanks to GBS for helping to register a Spanish company. Everything was done as quickly as possible and on time. Completely satisfied with the work. I also want to thank for the advice provided.

The company GBS Agency specializes in assistance to legal entities within the framework of legislation for the purpose of tax optimization, simplification of the scheme of conducting international business on all continents, and also management of personal and corporate finances through distribution of funds in foreign accounts.

The provision of legal services by GBS Agency specialists is based on the principles of confidentiality, legitimacy and priority of the client objectives.

Today, our financial and legal experts, within their competence, are engaged in consulting and outsourcing activities in such areas:

  • Opening of companies in offshore or onshore jurisdictions;
  • Business registration in Europe and the USA;
  • Opening of new accounts and merchant accounts for individuals and legal entities;
  • Obtaining licenses for casino, gaming business;
  • Obtaining permits for opening stock exchanges, brokerage companies, investment agencies, insurance companies;
  • Registration of a residence permit in the most priority regions of the world, and other.

All legal services for business are based on the individual approach to each client – we always analyze the specifics of the client activity, its main goals and objectives, find out the needs, and only then, we offer complete solutions!

The perfect result for you is the main task of our specialists!